Happy Birthday, Brenda streaming NOW!

Chaos Button and Quiet Box Productions’ Multi-award Winning “Happy Birthday, Brenda” is now available to stream on Amazon Prime! Our next production “Delivery” is in final stages… Read more “Happy Birthday, Brenda streaming NOW!”

“The Delivery” has a cast!

“The Delivery” is a #SCIFI short film written and directed by Zach Murphy (www.ilsaproductions.com).  In it a broken robot delivers batteries to a bunch of broken people.  The future is a dark, dark place.

Our cast is very very bright, however:

Valerie Feingold is playing Justice:


Karina Sindicich is playing Stephanie:Karina2

Myriam Phiro is playing TerryMyriam2

Theodore Copeland is playing Kent


And Jesse Alick is playing Geoff.


Stay tuned for more!!